Have you ever experienced as if someone is drinking your body fluids when you go out on a sunny day ???

Most of you surely would have experienced during the summers !!! 😀

This happens because your body loses fluids through perspiration, urination and convection. You may feel thirsty.

When the fluid losses are in large amounts, it is simply called dehydration. (Loss of water)

Here, fluid means water along with minerals and salts (electrolytes).

tendor coconutTendor Coconut – A rich source of electrolytes

These electrolytes play very important roles in cellular regulation. They balance redox reactions inside cells and are necessary for the functioning of nervous system.

You will feel weak, dizzy when these electrolytes are lost from the body.

Water in the form of sweat, regulates the body temperature. Water delivers nutrients to all the cells. Also, water carries cellular waste to kidneys and out of the body.

Both water and electrolytes should be present in sufficient quantities for proper functioning of the body.

When body fluid content in the body is altered; dehydration occurs.

Vomiting, increased perspiration, medication – diuretics and diarrhea can cause dehydration.

Let’s discuss about dehydration in detail.

Carbonated DrinksCarbonated Drinks

Tea, coffee and other beverages can alter the water level in the body.

Sun (Of course, may not be related to food beverages 😛 ), Coffee, Tea, Carbonated Cool Drinks, Wine etc.,

In short, we call them – The “Dehydrators” !!! 😉

There is not such technical term, but for fun and as a short form for these dehydrating beverages, we call them dehydrators in this post.

Your cup of tea or coffee can make you active and relaxed at your work desk, but remember one thing, you are sacrificing your body fluids, if you are going to consume those drinks in large quantities.

This is because of caffeine in your tea or coffee. Caffeine increases the metabolic rate of the body and this in turn raises the body temperature. As a result of this, fluids in the cells are evaporated and you will feel perspiration.


Alcohol consumption will drain the water in the body in the form of urine.

All these beverages are mis-interpreted as thirst-quenching drinks, instead they are dehydrating drinks. 😛

When your drink these, you may feel that your thirst is quenched but what really happens is loss of your body fluids in the form of sweat and urine. This is usually felt after few hours.

Dehydration can cause sleeplessness, kidney problems and death. (in the extreme case)

The Solution: Re-hydrate your body 🙂

It is very difficult to avoid tea or coffee or alcohol or carbonated beverages.

No need to avoid, just take care of your fluid intake !!!

After you consume any of these beverages, make sure to drink as much water as you can within 30 minutes to avoid dehydration. There is no time limit for this, but it’s better to drink water when such beverages are taken.

During summer days, it is very common that body fluids are lost due to sun’s heat. Drinking electrolytes can replenish the fluids. Coconut water is the best drink which can provide salts as well as water.

Instead of drinking carbonated drinks, take diluted fruit-juices. They not only add mineral salts and water to your body, but also anti-oxidants and vitamins.

Water MelonWater Melon – Rich in water and minerals

Melons are famous fruits which have high water content in them. Water melon, cantaloupe are the best ones.

When suffering from dehydration, try to avoid caffeine foods and alcohol temporarily.

Fruits such as melons, oranges, berries, pine apples, etc., and vegetables – broccoli, cabbage, cucumber, tomato and spinach are water-rich and mineral rich 😀

Consuming water and mineral rich fruits and vegetables is one of the best ways to prevent dehydration.

Hope this post helped you to get some new info about dehydration.   Bye 🙂

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