1. About Food Sciences Blog

Brief Intro:

Food Sciences Blog is an information-based personal blog about food. It is a blogspot-turned website imported from foodsciencewebsite.blogspot.com blog in Oct 2012.

During the early stages, general and research blogposts were published under ‘Food Facts’, ‘Food Supplements’, ‘Fun with Foods’, ‘Processing Technologies’, ‘Food and Culture’, ‘Food Engineering’ and ‘Food Waste Utilization’ categories.

2012 to 2016 – At a glance

Since 2013, literature search and lab formulation trails to develop healthy and functional food products and beverages are being conducted and published on the blog.

Current focus:

Food Sciences Blog is currently involved in literature review, formulation trials and nutritional information of

1. Functional snack products and
2. Nutraceutical beverages/powdered drink mixes

Also, FSB is currently working to create an innovative system in which numerous sensory attributes corresponding to different categories of food products and beverages are identified and grouped.

Food Sciences Blog – 2017 Theme & Schedule

In addition to that, Food Sciences Blog will focus on ‘Ingredient Functionality’, ‘Natural Food Additives’, ‘Demystifying Food Myths’, ‘Ingredient/Allergen Replacers’ and ‘Meal Replacement’ categories.

Explore a completely new world of food !!! 🙂

Stay tuned to FSB (www.foodsciencesblog.com) for interesting updates.

2. About Food-Sciences-Blogger

Hi folks! I am Pranav, the founder of Food Sciences Blog – so you can call me Food-Sciences-Blogger 😉

I am an engineer, researcher, cook, food blogger, article writer, ebook writer and award winner as well.

Sharing my success story here. Hope you’ll enjoy it 🙂

I am from Hyderabad, a cosmopolitan city in South India. I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Biotechnology from SASTRA University, Thanjavur, India and Masters degree in Food Science from Oklahoma State University.

During my Bachelors, I found research in dairy protein purification very interesting as milk whey proteins possess greater therapeutic and biological importance. I worked on milk whey protein clarification using filter membranes (2010-2011) and in the process, developed a passion for Food Science and Technology. Later, I published 2 research papers on milk whey protein clarification. This is how my research life started. 🙂

I have liked fruit flavored milkshakes greatly since my childhood. Many times, I observed that the shelf lives of these milk drinks were shorter, even when stored under refrigerated conditions.

I often wondered if it was possible to extend the life of such dairy and fruit processed food products with natural ingredients and with no/minimal change in sensory properties. This thought made me interested in the area of value-added processing of dairy, cereal and fruit-processed food products.

I attended several international food conferences, workshops, seminars and lectures (13 in total) to keep myself aware and updated of the latest trends in food processing and product development.

Also, the interactions with Indian Food Scientists helped me work towards the possible narrowing of areas for further research I intend to undertake.

To drive my passion for food, I started a Blogger blog (foodsciencewebsite) from which I switched to WordPress blog (current one) as WordPress offers more flexibility and cool add-ins 😛 I started blogging by posting my thoughts, my write-ups and my kitchen scale experiments.

As my hobby, I started publishing research and general information under different categories especially focusing dairy, bakery and fruit sectors. Also, I started publishing Food Sci & Tech ebooks.

Fall 2013, I decided that I should pursue an advanced degree in Food Science in order to build a strong knowledge base in the same and become an expert specializing in multiple food sectors. I applied for MS degree in Food Science at Oklahoma State University and got admitted in Fall 2014.


To achieve my short term goal (becoming an R&D Food Scientist to formulate new functional food products and beverages), I began to work on multiple product development research projects (formulation/sensory/shelf life/nutritional studies) at Okstate.

As part of my Research Assistantship, I had a great opportunity to develop (from concept to pilot/production trials) value-added peanut butter snack products which are rich in protein and healthy fatty acids.

I prioritized my regular schedule to handle multiple independent course NPD projects and national level product development competitions. From Fall 2014 to Summer 2016, I formulated 7 new functional food product development products.

Understanding the functionality of food ingredients; developing functional snack food products and nutraceutical beverages/powdered mixes is my motto. I learned a lot about formulation since Dec 2013.

Still, a long way to go ….

I would like to join a food company and work in an R&D facility formulating nutritious and healthy products.

Thanks for reading my story!! That’s all for now. 🙂

Contact me at pranav@foodsciencesblog.com for further info. I try to get back to you as early as possible. You can also subscribe to my newsletter to stay up to date.

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